An Expected Journey

Okay, so, let’s just skip past the fact that I’m obviously incapable of updating this with any kind of regularity and get right to the part where I talk about going to GenCon. Oh, yeah, I’m going to GenCon again this year! Did I mention that? It’s true. In a couple hours the wife, youngest daughter, and I are all packing up and heading down to Indy. Sadly, oldest daughter is staying with baka and deda because having both of the Tsarinas with us on this trip would likely lead to us selling them both to gypsies then drinking ourselves to death. Pre-schoolers and infants and high-strung parents don’t mix well at GenCon, kids. Anyway, since I’m gonna be there, let me tell you about what I’ll be up to.

So, first and foremost, I’ll be pimping the hell out of Accursed, this new RPG project I’m working on. Ross Watson, John Dunn, and I are producing this super rad dark fantasy setting for Savage Worlds that is, essentially, a game where Castlevania meets Solomon Kane. It’s a game where you can play a Flesh Golem (Frankenstein’s Monster) Paranormal Investigator who carries a huge flintlock pistol, a heavy cavalry sabre, knows everything about every monster that walks, crawls, or flies in the world, and can punch out all your blood just as easy as kiss your hand. If that’s not your cuppa how about a half-vampire social engineer? An ancient Mummy that wears its sarcophagus as a suit of modular armor? A Cossack werewolf with a taste for furry hats, vodka, and indiscriminate killing? A living biological cyborg mongrel man grafted with animal parts? A living dead man who survives purely on spite, a deep sense of aggrievement, and a thirst for revenge? All this and more can be yours in the land of Morden. Where can you learn more about Accursed? I’m glad you asked! Check out AccursedRPG, our Facebook page, or our Twitter feed.

Aside from wearing Accursed t-shirts and handing out awesome Accursed bidness cards and really sexy printed previews of one of the book chapters, John, Ross, and I are also doing some panel discussions on the subject of freelancing in the games industry. The first, on Thursday morning at 11:00, is called Professionalism in the Gaming Industry. It deals with some things I’ve talked about here previously regarding the severe lack of professionalism in this business and how we, as freelancers and publishers, can overcome that. The second panel is bright and early on Friday morning at 09:00, and deals with Working With a Licensed Product. Now, aside from Accursed, working with a licensed product is pretty much all I’ve ever done in this bidness. It is, at once, both very fulfilling and very aggravating at times as you attempt to please two or more masters. The third and final panel we’re doing is also on Friday at the more respectable time of 14:00, and deals with Freelancing in the RPG Industry. This is just what it sounds like. Ross, John, and I will lay some wisdom on you regarding the ins and outs, ups and downs, strikes and gutters of freelancing in our highly mercenary yet highly rewarding industry. So, yeah, come listen to us run our yaps if you have the time!

I’m not running any of my own games this year, so no Savage Robotech or Thin Blue Line or AEGIS vs SPIDER, but I am running a couple official games for Fantasy Flight! On Thursday night at 19:00 I’m running Under a Black Sun, a Star Wars: Edge of the Empire game, and on Saturday night at 19:00 I’m running Eleventh Hour, an Only War game. If you’re not already registered for these, just come on by and watch me make up rules, talk in funny voices, and ruin some players’ evenings.

Other’n'at, I’ll be kicking around the dealer hall, hanging out in FFG’s booth, introducing Youngest Daughter to nerdery, or drinking at Scottie’s. If you know me, let’s hang out. If you don’t know me, come on up to me and say hi (or ask me if I have stairs in my house, if you know what I mean), and then let’s hang out. See you in Indy, nerds!

3 thoughts on “An Expected Journey

  1. You failed by at least two degrees on your ruin our evening check. That game was one the highlights of our GenCon. It was great to meet you!

  2. Had a blast messing around with 11th hour, great to meet someone who knows how to run a game the right way!

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