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Awwwwwwwwwwwww, yeah. The kids’ll love this one

So, you guys have known me long enough to know that every so often I get a harebrained scheme into my head and then go crazy at it until it either gets done, I run out of steam, or get distracted and go ride bikes. Some of them, like my Savage Robotech conversions, actually worked. Others, well, let’s just say I ride a lot of bikes. Not this time, though. No, this time it’s for real. I know I’ve mentioned my good friends and colleagues Ross and John before. Solid dudes. Good designers, good writers. Well, the three of us have the best harebrained scheme. We’re making a game! An actual, factual, really real RPG that, if the Good Lord is willing and the creeks don’t rise, you will be able to buy, with money, and actually play inside of a year. Seriously. Would you like to know more?


Take a good, long look at that, kids. That right there is the logo for Accursed, the new game currently under development by Ross, John, and yours truly. What is Accursed? I’m glad you asked! Accursed is a horror game that’s a little bit Castlevania and a little bit Jonah Hex and a whole lot of The Late Late Late Movie. We’ll be using Savage Worlds (hopefully)  Set in a sorta-kinda European setting in a sorta-kinda late seventeenth/early eighteenth century timeframe, it tells the story of the Accursed, humans once twisted by foul magics of evil witches and pressed into servitude as shock troops. That was all years ago, though. Now, those Accursed who remain spend their time hunting down the Witches’ evil and destroying it as a way to atone for their myriad of sins.

Sounds good, eh? The long and short of it is that Accursed is a game that’ll let you play classic myth and movie-type monsters while wearing an awesome hat with a buckle on it and carrying around a musket with which you’ll skrag cultists and monsters and things that go bump in the night. Each different Accursed was once bound to a particular witch, and each bears a Witchmark, along with his or her other inner and outer mutations. They roam the land investigating horrors, hunting monsters, and having a ton of good adventures. You’ll be able to play a Slavic werewolf with a furry hat and a drinking problem, or a half-human/half-vampire Dhamphyre, or a mongrel man with crab claws and a baboon heart or a death-dealing mummy in ornate stone armor made from the sarcophagus in which you were entombed.

So far we’re in pre-pre-pre production. That being said, things continue to develop apace. We have the killer Alberto Bontempi doing art for us, and some excellent designers on deck for layout and graphic design. We’re going to kickstart Accursed, probably after Gen-Con I believe and after we get a little writing done. I’ll talk about the game more in depth as development continues though, so you’ll be able to stay in the loop. As a teaser, have a few initial character sketches done by Alberto. These are all seriously pre-production mind you, but you get the idea.

The Golem

Initial sketches of the Golem

golem face

Golem Face Study

golem pencils

Golem Initial Pencils

vargr sketch

Vargr Sketches

vargr face

Vargr Face Study

Mummy sketch

Mummy Sketches

revenant pencils

Initial Revenant Pencils

3 thoughts on “Only the Harebrainedest Schemes

  1. So for this, your first big announcement of your atmospheric 18C Gothic witch-hunting game, you choose as your top-of-the-fold banner art (the art that will be reproduced whenever anyone links to this page on Google+ or Facebook) — a modern office with cartoony 8-bit art? Why?

  2. Because it’s a jokey picture that’s tangentially related to my article, just like all the other pictures I’ve used on this blog. The article is about the fact that I’m making a game, not the game itself. That’s a screen grab from “Game Dev Story”, a surprisingly awesome game dev sim that I’ve been playing. When I do an actual post about the actual game itself, I’m sure I’ll use something you consider more appropriate.

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