Amalgamated Fiction – Detroit Goes Space!

Well, not actually all the way to space, but close enough. I’ve been offered the amazing opportunity to sit on a panel of scientists, engineers, rocket surgeons, thinkers, writers, musicians, philosophers, and all-around turbonerds to discuss our ideas for the future of the International Space Station. Pretty cool, eh? How did this all come about? Would you like to know more? I bet you would!

Some of you loyal readers may recall my good friend Justin Kugler. Years ago when I helped reboot Robotech, Justin was my pet rocket scientist/aerospace technology consultant on Shadow Chronicles, Macross, Masters, and the abortive UEEF Marines book. He helped me figure out the logistics of actual space travel, space communications, moving ships and mecha and people around space, zero gravity, and, controversially, helped me come up with the Stabilized Liquid Metallic Hydrogen fuel that the Valkyries’ reactors run on. Aside from being, like, a foot smarter than almost anyone else I know, Justin is also a very cool guy, humble, gracious, generous and helpful. A good friend and all around colleague.

Did I mention that he’s a rocket surgeon? That’s why he was my ATA. Justin used to work over at NASA, and now he’s at a private space concern called CASIS. CASIS is an organization dedicated to, essentially, figuring out what to do with the International Space Station in the 21st Century after its mission runs its course. That’s where I come in. The other day as I was dutifully procrastinating from writing about Orks and SPEHS MARINES, a quick message from Justin popped up on IM asking, innocuously enough, What are you doing the 22 of October? Aside from panicking about deadlines and recovering from my band’s performance at Theatre Bizarre’s The Summoning, I told him I wasn’t up to much. So he lays this opportunity on me and I was flabbergasted. Me? Seriously? Well, Justin believed that my sci-fi knowledge and copious amount of words written about spaceships qualified me for it. Of course I said yes, and here we are. I’m shipping out to Orlando on the 21st to hang out with some of the greatest scientific and creative minds of our generation to talk about space. I’m pretty stoked. More to come when I get back, obviously. Stay tuned.

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