Speramus Meliora; Resurget Cineribus

It rises from the ashes…

Welcome to Amalgamated Fiction – Detroit, Gentle Readers. What’s all this crap you ask? Well, let me lay it out for you. Motor City Gamewerks is gone. Like the grim, deadly foundries and factories from which I took my imagery for that site, it’s been torn down and replaced by a cleaner, more efficient, forward-looking site! Why did I do it? Well, read on.

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Friday Highlights


No witty picture today. After spending a night on the floor in an undisclosed location, I’m not sure I even possess any wit. Anyway, here’s a few nice things about Friday at Gencon:

  • Crowd: Happy, (mostly) healthy nerds in their glory. Costumes are good for the most part. People are nice. Lots of exposed flesh, some of it even worth being exposed! Also, there are a ton of people here.
  • Vendor Hall: I see game companies. They’re everywhere, and they don’t even know they want to hire me! But they will. The vendor hall is rockin’, Fantasy Flight has a huge-ass booth with a large demo area wherein I played Descent and where I’ll go mad today playing Arkham Horror. Sadly, White Wolf seems much reduced, has no product for sale, and their booth is essentially a sad imitation of a New Orleans beer hall. I’ve been in LARPs that were better outfitted than that booth.
  • Panels: I sat one panel with Sam from Fantasy Flight discussing Rogue Trader. I attended another given by Matt Forbeck, Bryan Tillman and his afro, Owen K.C. Stevens, and Jeff Tidball. Very informative and I took copious notes. They were all, to a man, gracious, generous and hilarious.
  • Ennies: I went to the Ennies last night as a guest of Fantasy Flight. Unsurprisingly, Paizo swept everything, earning about a brazillion awards for Pathfinder. Eclipse Phase and Diaspora also won some very well deserved awards, which was nice.

So, yeah. There you go. I’ve already had a good time, met some great people, and ended up with my business card case more full of other people’s cards than my own, which is pretty good I’d say. I’ll be driving tomorrow, so I can’t promise anything in the way of an update. Y’all have a good weekend.

One From the Vaults

It was a mercy killing…

Dicking around in the depths of my harddrives, I found this little gem. I wrote this in 1998, while I was finishing up my culinary externship in Ann Arbor, MI. It was, in fact, three o’clock in the morning. It was foggy. Early spring. I lived in a big-arsed house with a bunch of other dudes across the street from the copshop, and was just learning how to operate as an adult (and failing miserably). God only knows what I was writing, probably some Star Wars fanfic or something that was only a thinly veiled copy of something by William Gibson. Anyway, here it is, unmolested, in all its over-written new writer glory. Enjoy.

Distraction creeps up to my window like a thief and knocks with quiet insistence. I try not to look up, knowing that if my eyes break contact with the unblinking eye of my monitor I will surely be lost. the knocking is louder now, with a sense of urgency that I simply cannot resist. My will is broken. Like a fool I look up and out of the window. He has me now. He gestures like a circus hawker at the wonders of the world revealed to me behind panes of glass. A car! There is a lovely car parked at the curb. Lights! Street lights float like tiny suns in the early morning mist. A tree! The tree in my front yard spreads its crooked, spidery fingers and reaches out to the orange-gray sky. Distraction rubs his thin, dry hands together and cackles a sound like rustling paper. I try vainly to return to the job at hand, then a car passes and I am gone again. Where could they be going at three am? Is someone hurt? Lonely? Hungry? I have but one recourse now. I must draw the blinds, turn off the lights, and be quit with this day…..but first…just one more look.