Better Late than Never, Eh?

It’s ours, Precious!

Today is our birthday, Precious. I know it’s been woefully quiet this week at the Gamewerks, but don’t fret Gentle Readers. The Furnaces are burning and the gears are grinding and the belts are moving in the background as I scramble to finish up a couple Rogue Trader assignments for Fantasy Flight. I’ll make it up to you next week, as I plan to spend the next four days alternating, like Hemingway, between fits of drunken debauchery and furious, inspired writing. Next week we’re going to talk about Dwarves, scale, and my awesome Cthulhu birthday cake. In the meantime, please check out these fine establishments for all of your game blog needs.

General Kala, Deadline Approaching!

What do you mean, “Deadline Approaching”?
That’s right kids, deadline is indeed approaching. Due to deadline approaching, and my current distance from making it, today’s post will pretty much be a hilarious Flash Gordon reference and a picture of the deliciously campy General Kala. Oh, and a video of the amazing movie trailer. So, have a good weekend, and wish me luck. We’ll talk more Monday.